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Stealthascope (Finally) Releases The Train Sessions EP!

It's been sitting on my hard drive for too long, finally need to release it... I proudly present my new EP:

The Train Sessions EP!

During the late winter/spring of 2016, I spent a significant amount of time commuting on the train to and fro Toronto. At a certain point, I realized "Hey I have my DAW on my laptop... lets see how making music on the train goes...".
Over the course of the three months (February to May 2016) I produced a number of tracks, and The Train Sessions EP is the distilled, focused output of that period. Ranging from chill, malevolent-sounding house music, to a bit of DnB, bordering sometimes into an almost-industrial vibe.

I am super happy happy to offer it on Pirate Hour Records site.

You can find it HERE, on pirate-hour.net, and on BandCamp HERE if that is more your speed.
I'm kinda proud of this, hope you hear that when you listen.
I would love to hear what you think of it! Hit up the contact page HERE
- Stealthascope

Offical Pirate-Hour Records Launch!

It's been coming for a while now, and it's long overdue. Finally a place to find all your favorite Pirate-Hour Records related info and music (cuz we're your favorite right? RIGHT?!) .

We've worked hard, building the site piece-by-piece on and off since November 2015. Attempting to focus on speed and content over flashy UI design, we tried to utilize a more minimalist approach.

We're very proud of the fact that there is _ALMOST_ feature parity if you run your browser without javascript. No tracking. Fully responsive. Only https. We've learned a lot, and honed our collective web development skills in the process. We hope it shows.

We give you:


Some of what's on the site:
  • Artists -> Information on the Artists on our roster
  • About -> Until our story is more well defined, just some irreverent comments :D
  • Catalogue -> Catalogue of Items released under the Pirate Hour Records Umbrella
  • Listen -> Artist/Album/Track listing with access to the audio player (what we're all really here for :D)!
  • News -> Pirate-Hour related news
  • Shop -> Soon!
  • Events -> Upcoming Pirate-Hour related events!
  • Contact -> Contact us! For Any reason! Any Time! <3
  • Allies -> Speak Friend and enter, or just a list of friends... either or.

    • There will be more content coming, but in the meantime to the Studio for me! That music won't make itself! Hope you like what we have so far! <3
- Stealth @ Pirate-Hour Records

Stealthascope Releases First EP On Pirate Hour Records!

Stealthascope. The man. The legend. Has decided to make his first release publically available just in time!
Debuting the best of his 2015 output, he has compiled an EP of 7 tracks of that particular Stealthascopian house/techno/industrial.
This is exciting for us because it has to be, or else why do it? That's the real question. Why even... But I digress!
Head on over to the listen section to check out Stealthascope's Twenty Fifteen EP.
\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

New Music from Stealthascope!

Now that Stealthascope is a proud member of the Pirate-Hour records crew, it's time to get his music up on the site.
We proudly present: 35 Unreleased Tracks from Stealthascope!
Some quick samples:
Metric - Girls Gold Guns [FASTER MIX]:
Stealthascope - halfandhalfandhalf
Stealthascope - David Duchovny

Find the full list here...
New Music Is DOOOPE