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Stealthascope Releases First EP On Pirate Hour Records!

Stealthascope. The man. The legend. Has decided to make his first release publically available just in time! Debuting the best of his 2015 output, he has compiled an EP of 7 tracks.
This is exciting for us because it has to be, or else why do it? That's the real question. Why even... I dunno... Maybe something. Yeah. Stuff..... WE OUT *mic drop*.

New Music from Stealthascope!

Now that Stealthascope is a proud member of the Pirate-Hour records crew, it's time to get his music up on the site.
We proudly present: 35 Unreleased Tracks from Stealthascope!
Some quick samples:
Metric - Girls Gold Guns [FASTER MIX]:
Stealthascope - halfandhalfandhalf
Stealthascope - David Duchovny

Find the full list here...
New Music Is DOOOPE

Stealthascope joins Pirate Hour Records artist roster!

Pirate Hour records has negotiated long and hard with, well, themselves, to allow themselves to sign Stealthascope as their first major artist!. This comes as no surprise considering he's the guy who runs the show here...
congrats ya'll

Pirate-hour records launches web news system!

Proud to announce the functioning of the news section of the site! You can now see regular Pirate Hour Records news popping up here, and on the front page. Very minimal at the moment, but eventually will be more featureful.